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Significance Of Good Web Design Web design is the process by which an individual collects ideas and plans pertaining to how the website will be in terms of the layout, the content, color, font and the graphics in a bid to optimize the online presence. The design process is guided by a set of principle that helps the website achieve its goals After the careful planning of what the website will contain, the designer then puts it in electronic format which is then presented in form web pages where they can then be accessed by users. When users navigate websites comfortably without challenges, the design process is said to successful. The significance of web design ought not to be undermined. The difference that websites have in priority when a search is complete can be attributed to web design. The a site enjoys influenced by the ability of the users to locate it and appealing graphics it contains. It ensures that the goals of the website are achieved. This can be done by providing the experience the users have is smooth.This is enabled by the smooth interaction with the website by the users. There are factors that ought to be considered during design to make the website good. So much can be understood from the first page of the website. It is this page that will inform their decision to continue on the website or abandon it. Only appealing fonts and font sizes should be used by the designer. Most designers advice that texts should be at the top, center or the left side because people read from all directions. The pictures should be laid out in a manner that enhances visibility. It is of significance to have images that have a relation to what the website is all about. It would be ironical to have images of a festival for a website that deals with academic matters. Search Engine Optimization when used increases the ranking of the website when a search is done.
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The elements of a good web design refer to the features of a well-designed internet site. Responsiveness is a characteristic of a well- designed website. It means that the website is scalable from one device to another. The website should be flexible in that, it functions optimally in a wide range of browsers and different operating systems. This makes it nondiscriminatory.
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Navigation is a feature of a good web design. It refers to the characteristic of bi-directional scrolling in the website. This is good because it enables reading without one getting confused. Interactiveness of a website is a key feature as it has comment boxes and opinion polls in its design. It also provides an allowance for visitors to sign up. A good web design will enable the users to have satisfying experienced while accessing a website especially now that we exist in a digital age.