The Traxxas Aton Plus Stands Out as a Popular Gift for Those Interested in Drones

Gift giving is not always easy, but those who put in some effort can typically be assured of success. Oftentimes, the easiest way to move forward is simply to assess the interests and preferences of the intended recipient and see if anything jumps out. The right type of Tech Gift for a particular person, for example, can easily end up becoming one of the best presents of all. For the many today who enjoy flying drones or would like to get started, there are some truly excellent options.

One of the most popular such gifts at the present time is an especially versatile drone from Traxxas. While many drones on the market today focus on a particular type of flying like aerial photography or stunts, the Traxxas Aton Plus emphasizes flexibility. With a sporty four-rotor design that includes a distinctive rear arch which helps with both stability and agility, the Aton Plus is a an excellent tool for drone pilots who are looking to explore the full range of their options.

The Aton Plus does not come with a camera of its own, but it is ready to accept and hoist aloft just about any remotely suitable device. In particular, many owners end up fitting theirs with any of the popular, sports-oriented cameras offered by Go Pro. With two gimbals allowing for a significant range of motion, any camera that is meant to handle high speed photography can be counted upon to deliver some excellent shots.

Compared to drones that focus solely on enabling airborne photography, the Aton Plus will generally not be quite as stable. In exchange, however, pilots gain the ability to engage in much more aggressive and active flying. While some drone owners might be content with taking slowly panning shots courtesy of a craft that is only designed to move at a leisurely pace, the Aton Plus opens up plenty of far more energetic options.

While it is not a full-fledged stunt drone, the Aton Plus will happily engage in some fairly advanced maneuvers and do it with quite a bit of vigor. Combined with its ability to produce high quality videos and stills, this helps make the Aton Plus an excellent gift for a wide range of recipients.